Let’s go diving!  We do Open Water Qualification Dives, Advanced and Specialty training dives (NITROX, night, deep, wreck, drysuit, photo, etc) and “just for fun” dives from Memorial Day through Halloween from Captain’s Cove Seaport in Black Rock.

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     Our dive students do their dives right here! No need to travel out of state for long costly weekends away from home and family.  Open Water Qualificaton dives are offered Saturdays and Sundays.  Dives are performed in 20-30' of water around our local rock reefs and light houses. The package includes two afternoons of instructor lead training dives (two dives per day), use of tanks, weights, weight belt, BCD, regulator, and wetsuit. Not included are the mask, snorkel, fins, and booties you already have.  Cost of this package is $60.00 (instruction, pre and post dive briefings, and log book) plus $105.00 per day charter boat and equipment fees.

     Our local wreck sites consist of several mid 1800's schooners, a tug boat and barge (sank 1984), an early 1900's schooner barge and other recently found wreckage. Depth ranges from 45'-85', depending upon the wreck site. Our wreck dives are 7am-noon, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. The cost for a two tank dive is $65.00. No gear rental is included in the charter fee.


     Local dives are offered each weekend day, and  Wednesday mornings during the week.

     Long Island Sound offers local divers the best of both worlds! Water tempertures range from the mid fifties in early spring and rise to 73-78 degrees by September!

     Visibility will always depend upon rainfall and time of season. Early spring, when rainfall is typically heavier than summer months, limited visibility due to runoff and plankton bloom is normal. Visibility this time of year is between 3'-8'. Come late June, the dryer season begins and visibility and temperatures rise. Vis will get up to 15' (great for notheast diving) with water tempertures heading for the 70's!

     Local marine life is abundant! We have five varieties of sponges, coral, sea anemonies, sea urchins, sea stars, whelks, moon snails, cunners, black fish, stripedbass, flounder, fluke, lobster, skates, clams and oysters!


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