Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long does it take to get SCUBA certified?
This is the major difference between SCUBA Connecticut and all the retail dive equipment stores offering SCUBA courses! Their goal is to get you in and out as quickly as possible, and then sell you dive gear. Our goal is to provide top quality personalized training and nothing but training. Our Open Water SCUBA Diver course includes about 21 hours of training in classroom and pool. Normally, there will be three classroom sessions (unless you choose eLearning - see below) and three pool sessions. We take the time to make sure that you will be well prepared for open water! Open water qualification dives are the final step in your training toward certification and can be done in several different ways.


2.  How much does the certification course cost?
Tuition for our Open Water SCUBA Diver certification course is $395.00, which includes classroom (or eLearning) and pool sessions, textbook, workbook, plastic dive tables, logbook, DVDs, referral for open water qualification and certification card (note that the retail equipment stores charge extra for tables, logbook, referral and c-cards and often only loan textbooks and videos).  Open water qualification dives are additional because the cost varies depending on how you choose to do them. You can go out on a Local Diving Charter, come along on our Florida Keys Dive Week or we can give you a referral to a dive operation at your vacation destination.


3.  Can I study at home, rather than sitting in a class?
Yes!  You can now choose either traditional classes or online academics with NAUI eLearning!  You can even choose both (for an additional $50.00).


4.  What equipment will I need to begin a course?
Just a bathing suit!  Unlike the retail dive gear stores, we don’t REQUIRE you to buy ANY equipment to begin!  All necessary equipment and materials are provided for the course.  We’re here to teach you to dive, not to sell you dive gear!


5.  What certification will I receive?
We offer Open Water SCUBA Diver certification from NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) and SDI (SCUBA Diving International). Which you receive will depend on training options you select.


6.  How old do my kids need to be to learn to SCUBA dive?
We strongly recommend SCUBA diving as a family activity! While some agencies will certify children as young as 10, we generally require that students be 12 years old. Children ages 12-14 earn Junior Diver certification that requires them to dive with an adult diver.  Ages 15+ are awarded adult certification.


7.  I’m not sure diving is for me.  Can I try SCUBA before I sign up?

Yes! “I Tried SCUBA” is a free, introductory SCUBA experience under the careful supervision of an instructor. 


8.  Do I have to be a great swimmer to SCUBA Dive?

No!  You need only to be able to swim six laps (300 yards) continuously (any stroke; no time limit) and tread water for 15 minutes by the end of the course. Previous experience in snorkelling and skin diving is a plus, but are not necessary as we will thoroughly cover these skills in the course.  


9.  How do I get started?

Email or call 203-952-8679 to sign up.  Course enrollment forms can be downloaded HERE.

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