NAUI Master SCUBA Diver!


Coming March 21-25 in Key Largo

or August 2022 in Madison!

Gain the in-depth knowledge that will establish you as a recognized authority in your diving club or group. Hone your diving skills to the level of a professional NAUI Leader. Thrill to the adventure of open water dives in settings that will test your abilities to their limit while enhancing and expanding your diving capabilities. Then proudly wear the most coveted and respected patch in recreational diving - that of the NAUI Master SCUBA Diver.


The course is a continuing education certification course for divers who wish to increase their understanding and enjoyment of diving. Emphasis is on student participation and practical application of knowledge in open water after a classroom discussion of subjects. Some subject areas are a review and expansion of material from previous courses. The Instructor will specify performance objectives for related course diving activities, for example, during a navigation dive the student will swim a reciprocal course to within 10 feet of its origin.

Participants will meet with CAPT Steve before the trip to review academic work and for a question-and-answer session. Advanced Open Water SCUBA Diver certification from a recognized agency and a log book are required. Divers without recent open water experienced may be required to complete a refresher prior to the course. It is strongly recommended that divers have completed the Rescue Diver Specialty course and the NITROX Specialty course prior to this course in order to take advantage of significantly increased bottom time.  NITROX will be available for all dives.

Open water Dives-

A minimum of eight open water dives is required. A maximum of three dives per day shall be applied toward course requirements. No more than one skin dive may count toward the eight dive minimum.

Required Dives

  • Review of basic scuba skills
  • Emergency procedures and rescue
  • Deep/simulated decompression diving
  • Limited visibility or night diving
  • Underwater navigation
  • Search and recovery – light salvage

Elective Dives

  • Environmental study or survey
  • Air consumption (practical application)
  • Boat diving
  • Skin diving


This course is an excellent progression toward NAUI Leadership roles.

Course tuition is $595.00 and includes textbook, workbook, DVD, instruction, and certification card upon successful completion. Dive boat charter fees and rental equipment are NOT included.

See Course Schedule for upcoming dates, then email or call 203-952-8679 to sign up or with any questions!  Download course enrollment forms HERE.



CAPT Steve demonstrates navigation with a line reel in the Master SCUBA Diver course.



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